Apply for The O2 Awakening Heart Ticket

Have you been eyeing The O2 Awakening event in your city but don't have the $ to join us?

When we launched The O2 Awakening, we decided to create a ‘Heart Ticket’ for each event; gifting this experience to someone that could really use the inner healing and transformation that Breathwork brings but couldn't afford the cost of a ticket.

This means we GIFT a free ticket to SOMEONE IN EVERY CITY WE VISIT.

Click the LINK BELOW to submit a few lines (literally a couple sentences!) about why you want the free Heart Ticket to The O2 Awakening workshop in your city.

All applications are 100% confidential.

We’re so looking forward to reading through your stories
and inviting one of you to join us.

Connect with us on Instagram and tag any peeps you know could benefit from #TheO2Awakening experience.


NOTE: Only one heart ticket winner per event. Please apply well in advance to increase your chances of receiving it.

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The heart ticket gives people in difficult situations and financial hardship the opportunity to join one of our workshops with a complimentary 'heart ticket'. *Note: all personal information and winners of the heart will remain confidential.