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Ready to take your team’s performance to peak levels?

We’ve designed this breathwork immersion specifically for non-traditional, high-achieving businesses like yours.

Our cutting-edge breathwork technique plus our understanding of human collaboration, leadership, and business will leave your team changed.

Participants will leave individually shifted and your team as a whole will be equipped with more clarity, productivity, and cohesion.


“Breathwork has helped me create space in my body, mind and spirit to achieve higher consciousness and improve results in my business.”
- Stephan Ouaknine, Managing Partner, Inerjys Ventures


How to Book Our BREATHWORK for Your Business

Option 1: Lunch & Learn

A one-hour experience for your team on their lunch break. Participants will learn about the benefits of breathwork for stress reduction, work productivity, health, and peak performance. They will experience the power of breathwork for themselves and learn a take-home technique to activate daily before starting their workday.

Investment - From $1,500 AUD

Option 2: Full Immersion


 Half-day Immersion -

Experience the power of a full 1-hour breathwork journey and follow-up integration.

Investment - From $4,000 AUD


One-day Immersion  -

Experience the power of a full 1-hour breathwork journey plus profound team exercises while in the altered breath state.

Investment - From $7,000 AUD 

Two -day Immersion -

Experience the power of two full 1-hour breathwork journeys, profound team exercises while in the altered breath state, and the peeling back and rewiring of sub-conscious team limitations.

Investment - From $14,000 AUD

 *Note for every two-day immersion booked with us we offer a free workshop to an underprivileged community such as a women’s shelter, homeless shelter, or a not-for-profit team.



  • Team cohesion and peak performance

  • Mission clarity

  • Individual employee wellness and fulfillment

  • Enhanced leadership capacity

  • Heightened creativity and innovative thinking

  • Tailored theme depending on your business’s specific desires

*Location depends on your business HQ. We can either host the workshop at your office or we can book a location near you.


For more information and to book directly email us at